Biodegradables moka big capsules for made in Italy aluminium 3/6 cups moka, to be used only with our patented food silicone adaptor. Ideal to prepare a good moka even blindfolded with an always sweet-smelling coffee in the right quantity and pressure. All in a cleany way and without wastes.

25 big capsules "PUREZZA" 100% ARABIC + goodmoking 5 cups

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    • The capsules are for single use, packaged in nitrogen and to be disposed in the organic waste, leaving the moka clean after use. A coffee very easy to prepare and always good, always fresh with many tastes for the distinct moments of the day and the different preferences of the family and the guests. "PUREZZA" 100% ARABIC


      • Right quantity and pressing
      • Aroma and taste of excellence, long and delightful aftertaste, unaltered over time
      • Total absence of the unpleasant bottom often found in the cup
      • Very quick disposal of the big capsules, to be thrown away in the organic waste basket
      • the coffee pot remains clean as before use
      • made in Italy

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