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Tasting kit 150 capsules


Tasting kit 150 capsules compatible ESPRESSO POINT includes:

- 50 capsules taste TEMPER

- 50 capsules taste BALANCE

- 50 capsules taste PURE

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  • The “TEMPER” blend is resulting from equal proportions between the sweetness and delicacy of the Arabica mixed with the pronounced creaminess, strength, body and temper which characterize the Robusta, giving this blend the right energy to make you start your day well and drive you through it with the delightful sips of a big cup of coffee.

    The right denomination for this perfect combination between Arabica and Robusta blends coming from selected crops: the “BALANCE” blend comes from years of study, research and involved knowledge in the world of coffee at 360 °, in order to bring in your cup at the same time delicacy, taste and fullness perfectly balanced together.

    A precious blend of pure Arabica, fruit of the plantations of the South and Central America. The right choice for those who want from their coffee a silky and velvety taste with fruity and slightly caramelized notes but with their own well-defined identity, all crowned by a reduced content of caffeine.
    100% Arabica

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